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Modify iServe Scholarship

Modify offers high school scholarships to two students who host a successful community service project in their communities.


Modify scholarship funds are available to high school students in Houston, TX.  Scholarship funds are to be used during the fall semester/quarter following high school graduation at an accredited college or university, community college or trade/technical school.  Currently the Modify scholarship is only offered to students enrolled at Yes Prep Academy.  To nominate your school district for consideration, click here.


  1. Winner $2,000

  2. Runner Up $1,000



This scholarship recognizes community service and does not have a grade point average restriction or requirement.


Applicant must be

  1. A Texas resident;

  2. Attend high school in good standing; and

  3. Complete Community Service Project Guidelines.


Service Project Guidelines:

Each student must:

  1. Create an original service project (this does not include volunteering for other organizations such as Houston Food Bank, The Star of Hope, etc.;

  2. Conference monthly with assigned mentor to discuss project and create a mentor conference log; and 

  3. Have assigned mentor or a Modify representative attend the service project event.


Final packet must include:

  1. Post community service project essay:  Each student must write a two-page essay on the outcome of their project.  It must include a detailed explanation of the project; describe who attended; when it was hosted; explain how your project made a difference; and how it can improve; 

  2. Photos and/or video of the service project; 

  3. Mentor conference log; and 

  4. Reference letter from mentor.


Final packet must be emailed on or before May 1, 2017 to  The top five students will be announced on June 1.  The top five students must create a presentation to present to the selecting committee on Saturday June 18th (Time and Location TBA).  The winner and runner up will be announced on July 1, 2017.


Winners will receive a money order provided by Modify after we receive:

  1. A copy of college acceptance letter and

  2. Semester registration form.

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